Mia Colfield(non-registered)
Gary, you're awesome!!!
Mer Events LLC(non-registered)
Hey Gary, you are passionate about photography and photography is in you! I am so glad that I found someone who shares my passion. Thanks for the great picture and cheers for many more to come!
Seth Benschoter(non-registered)
Hey Gary, you really captured the spirit of the spirit of the C & O Overnight Cycle Tour with your lens. As always the REI Outdoor School is glad to see you on the roster. What a great end to summer.
Towanda Lorenz(non-registered)
Gary you have successfully captured the purity (white dresses) and spirit (beautiful colors) of the unbreakable bond between my mom and her daughters and vice versa. Your bag of tricks and amazing talent produced more than just a few great pictures, they masterfully created treasured memories that we will cherish forever. Thank you and see you again soon!
Gary A. Young
Hello Matt,

It's been a good time. I've learned more from the instructors and tour guides -- regional history, nature, paddling techniques, gear, prep, other courses, resources, parks -- in the past three weeks than my brain can hold.

I'll definitely be back in the Spring and I'll bring some friends along.
Matt Lidddle(non-registered)
Hi Gary,

This is Matt Liddle, Outdoor Programs Manager with REI. Thanks so much for joining us for our kayak classes and tours over the past few weeks. It's been a great pleasure for our staff to experience our courses through your well-trained lens, we keep checking your site and showing the pictures off to colleagues, friends, and family. We're looking forward to getting out paddling with you again next spring - DC Monuments Tour and Kayak Rescues and Recoveries are waiting for you!
Gary A. Young
Thanks, Larry and Perky.

I'm glad I can do my part to contribute something to the community, too.

You all are doing some great work up there.
Larry Bannerman(non-registered)
Outstanding photography. Thank you for capturing the spirit and community togetherness of this event. A big thank you for allowing us to download and use these pictures. I and the Turner Station Conservation Team, are very proud of you.
Dred "Perky" Scott(non-registered)
Continue , Cuz...You have a unique Perspective...What folk perceive is reality to them...Love you...and there is nothing you can do about it!!! I am still using my H2Zoom Handy Recorder you recommended
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